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" My parents just saw the finished bathroom for the first time.   My Dad walks out and says"you know, I'm not easily impressed (and he's not), but that bathroom looks really nice. I'm impressed!" That's a high compliment,  my friend. Well Done. "

Kris Byrd - Glen Este, Ohio

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Exhaust Fans
Not sure if your Bathroom exhaust fan is doing the job?  Take tissue paper and put by the fan.  If the fan holds the tissue, the fan is working fine.  If not, replace the fan. 

Soaking Hoses
If you notice cracks above your interior doors and about a 1 inch space between your foundation and the soil, we are probably in a drought and you need to soak the soil arond your foundation.

Loose Door Hinge Screw
If you notice your doors are tight or a hitting the jamb in some places,  your hinge screws could be loose.  Just  take a few tooth pics and put them in the hole, break off the tooth pics, and install the screw.

Toilet/Sink Shut Off Valves
9 times out of 10 you never need to shut off the water to a sink or toilet.  And the older the valve is, the seals in the valve are worn or stuck from non-use.  Try to turn the valves on and off at least once and if possible, twice a year.
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